Maintaining Your Dishwasher

A dishwasher is easy to take for granted, but it is a very important component of our modern homes. It simplifies our lives, but more importantly, it ensures that our kitchenware is thoroughly clean and bacteria free. In order to keep you kitchenware sparkling and truly clean, you have to maintain it properly. Fortunately, that only amounts to some basic steps if you perform them regularly.

1. Run the Dishwasher Regularly

Most people run their dishwasher daily samsung dishwasher repair los angeles, and that’s a good thing. Self-cleaning is built into the design of the dishwasher, and it helps keep the internals clear of clogs and other issues. In fact, all other things being equal, a dishwasher that runs every day will outlast one that runs only once per week.

2. Refill the Rinse Aid Regularly

The most common issue people experience with their dishwasher is spotting. Spotting isn’t an indication of a problem. Spotting is a natural occurrence due to a wide range of environmental factors, and it is overcome through rinse aid. White vinegar is a very inexpensive and eco-friendly rinse aid alternative.

3. Clean the Spinning Arms Each Use

Be prompt about unloading the dishwasher after it completes the cleaning cycle. Clean out any obvious debris that has been left behind. Then do a once-over on the spinning arms. Ensure that water can clear the openings properly. Most spinning arm problems occur over time, and if you check them regularly, you can avoid most of those issues.

4. Inspect the Drain Daily

You do not have to inspect the drain every use if you use the dishwasher multiple times per day. But it is a good idea to inspect and, if necessary, clean the drain after the day’s last use. Build-up at the drain is an issue because debris will eventually be forced through, where it can cause significant problems.

5. Perform a Weekly Wipe-down

Once per week, wipe around the door edges and gasket. Use a damp cloth, and only user a cleaner if necessary. Also, clean at the bottom of the door. On many units, this area is a dead spot where debris can accumulate.

6. Handling Blockage in the Dishwasher Drainpipe

No matter how proactive you are, blockage in the dishwasher drainpipe can occur. To remedy this, disconnect the drain hose, which may require removing the kick plate. If the hose is broken, then replace it. If not, then try running water through it to unblock it. If that does not work, do not use a chemical unblocking agent; instead, call a certified repair technician.


Most dishwasher issues occur because we get lazy. If we check our dishwasher daily and clean it thoroughly every week, then we’ll avoid all of the most common wear and tear problems.

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